Fantombilden – The comic strip

For the last two years, my mind has been pretty occupied with “Palmemordet”/The Olof Palme murder case. This case has so many loose ends and is more fascinating than any fiction I can think of. And it has been around, unsolved, since I was 10 years old.

Guess how surprised I was earlier this year when the police announced they had come to a conclusion in the case! … and how disappointed I was after hearing this so called solution on the 10th of June.

However, a few weeks have passed and I’ve started to believe that the current Palme-group (Krister Petersson’s group) have made the people a huge favour by closing the case and by that letting researchers, historians, journalists and interested citizens (like myself) request all documentation of the case. A crowd funding initiative has started amongst interested people and so called “Privatspanare” to request the complete documentation from the authorities – doubtlessly the best thing that has happened to the case in many years!!!

For my own part I decided to try to turn all the pondering and thinking about the case into something creative – A Comic strip Introduction to the Palme Murder Case. As a 12-year old kid I wanted to draw comic stories for the magazine “Fantomen” and this comic strip is a direct resumption on that project. If you like it, and would like to read the full page, contact me for e.g. a poster!

“Personally, I believe this poster is a perfect toilet reader in all summer residences of Sweden … and elsewhere!”

Edit: Got my printed copy of the poster today. This is a pic of a 60 cm x 40 cm variant. It is printed on a thicker kind of paper, a subdued photo paper. Resolution is no issue.

Edit #2: Palmemordet the TEE! I printed the “Fantombilden” comic on a T-shirt! Take look at this samle (picture of my brothers T-shirt). No resolution issues … amazing!