The IS-3 Tank On A Bed Of Roses

A while ago, as a part of the Covid-19 Coloring Book, I posted the Soviet IS-3 tank on a bed of roses. The idea was to have a coloring book (or at least one sheet) for “tank inspired” dads & children, when staying home during the pandemic.

So far, I haven’t seen one fully colored example.

But I gave it a try myself (in Photoshop) and as it turned out, coloring the actual tank was great fun. I used the same technique as for many of the other drawings on this site – with three different hues for every base color. Finally I added some lights and darks and also some blended in rust.

When continuing with the roses, I gave up after only five … so the BED of roses is … a small bed of roses.

Nevertheless I was pretty satisfied with the tank itself so I tried making a Soviet style propaganda poster of it … and also some T-shirt prints!

The sketch of the IS-3 tank …
The coloring book (sheet) … with a real bed of roses!