St. Göran & Draken

Edit: I adjusted the beam hit (made it bigger) a little and also added som reflection in Mando’s beskar.

Check out my latest digital artwork – a variant of the magnificient wooden statue “St. Göran & Draken” by Bernt Notke (~1440 – 1509), which can be seen in Storkyrkan, Stockholm. Please pay a visit. The statue IS impressive!

In my picture, St. Göran has taken the shape of the Mandalorian … I saw both existing seasons recently and was carried away.

The idea here was to try and make a full digital painting. As usual nowadays, my main model (besides the statue itself) is my plastic posing model, this time on Edith’s dinosaur.

Plastic St. Göran fights evil again. Not Denmark this time.

I started out with the Mandalorian and was pretty thorough but when I came to the “horse” and dragon, it all got more and more sloppy. The original idea was to make use of textures but I gave up on that too and used real paint brushes instead, which was more fun. A little texture (the taste buds on my oldest daughter’s tounge) is used though, on the “horse”.

Anyways, the resolution is good so I made a poster of it. If you like it, you’ll find it on Disinformed Prints.