Android App – Wax ON Wax OFF

The “Wax ON – Wax OFF” app lets YOU, an employee or consultant, keep track of your working time in your cell phone simply by pressing a button “Wax ON” when you start/resume work and “Wax OFF” when you stop or take a break!

But WHY?

Because in many corporations, employees and consultants are expected to keep track of their own working hours/debit hours and once a week/month correctly account for them for their employer. And don’t forget; in many corporations this day in month is the most prioritized activity … even more important than building customer value.

OK, but WHEN shall it be used?

Every day you work! Simply press “Wax ON” when you start in the morning and “Wax OFF” when you leave. And if you need to do stuff in between that cannot be accounted for as work, press “Wax OFF” and then “Wax ON” when you resume duty. If you have a regular fix time break every day (e.g. lunch break), state the length of such a break under SETTINGS and minimize app interaction even further.

I’ve GOT IT! But why represent time in DECIMAL HOURS?

To be honest, I don’t know. But my own employer and several others do so and expect me and other employees to account for our time in decimal hours. Therefore, the accumulated work time is presented in this app in both regular time (e.g. 8 h & 30 min) as well as decimal hours (e.g. 8.5 h).

Understood. But I’m pretty sure there already exists apps like this on the market!?

Yes, “There are many like it … but this one is mine!”

… and I believe mine is the only one that tributes the work moral tribute in a great 80ies flick.