My (so far) only tattoo – the Snake.

In 1997 I was really into getting a tattoo … or many. I was determined to make my own motive and made this. As a poor student, I visited most of the studios in Gothenburg, asking if they could do it and how much it would cost. I ended up at Heidi Hay’s apprentice (back then, the studio was located in the Bräutigams house) … she herself was overbooked way beyond the summer break and my time frame was NOW (then)! Also, her price did not really fit my student budget. But the apprentice was good and also suggested some improvements, which I liked. After 6 hours of tattooing snake skin, the apprentice was fed up and called it a day. My friend Hans, who accompanied me, was probably sick of it all too. I was supposed to come back after two weeks and finalize the design … but the Chalmers semester started again and it just never happened.

A year after, I thought of a new tattoo and made a design with lots of ammunition rounds that would embrace my upper arm. I left the design at another tattoo artist that was supposed to think the idea through and come back with a price suggestion. But that too never happened. And he stole my sketch. Since than the tattoo interest has been torpid.