SkandiamannenSloppy – the font

“SkandiamannenSloppy” is my first font project i.e. the purpose has been to learn the basics in creating a complete font. The inspiration has been the magnificent handwriting style of the so-called “Skandiamannen”, a witness?/suspect? in the Palme-murder investigation in the 1980s. SkandiamannenSloppy is hence a tribute. The original handwriting is a bounded script (glyphs are bound together). In this font however, I have not mastered to bind the glyphs. Therefore, and because the glyphs themselves are not nearly as precise as Skandiamannen’s, the name is “Sloppy”.

Feel free to use it!

skandiamannensloppy (download)

Forgoraren, 2018.



Eating my breakfast, staring at the cereal package, I realize the font used by Havrefras looks suspiciously alike Skandiamannen´s handwriting. Conspiracy theorists, do your thing.